vineyarder /ˈvɪnjərder/ - a term used on Martha's Vineyard to describe a summer resident or frequent visitor to the island.

We believe that, like any other industry where customers return again and again, frequent visitors to the Vineyard should be part of a special membership club. One where they are rewarded for their loyalty and repeat business. With that in mind the creators of This Week on Martha's Vineyard, the islands premier entertainment newspaper for 20 years, recognized that we are in the best position to implement and administer this club. With an existing base of over 100 island businesses, This Week on MV actively negotiates exciting discounts for our most valued asset and frequent visitors who are members of the "Vineyarder Club".

Local’z only club (a club within a club) - The Vineyard is a great place to live, but let's face it, it's expensive! in fact, Dukes County has recently been listed as the most expensive county in the country! For most of us, we are not on a perpetual vacation and the struggle is real. the Local’z only Club has special deals and pricing for people who live and work on the island year round. We are here to help make that struggle a little less painful by actively negotiating discounts ONLY available to members who qualify as Local’z only while still enjoying the deals available to visiting members.

Affordable Housing

The Vineyarder Club (Local'z only Club) will donate a portion of all profits to finding affordable housing solutions on Martha's Vineyard. In recent years housing has not only become exceedingly expensive but recently, almost impossible to find. Many families have been forced to leave the island they call home and the job's they depend on to live. We believe that this is the single, most important issue facing the Vineyard and without a solution, everyone will lose. We can and must find a way to support the workers that serve in every area of island commerce, for our community and for our visitors. Your membership will support this effort as we seek real solutions for our island workers.